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Michelle Valberg's Northern Adventure

Northern Adventure - 2012/11/29

Michelle Valberg’s children’s book, Ben and Nuki Discover Polar Bears, was featured in the Ottawa Citizen. Proceeds from the sale of the book support Project North.

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Ottawa Magazin's Best Children's Book Round-Up - 2012/11/29

In this series, Ottawa Magazine’s Vanessa Ortynsky rounded up four kids’ books by local writers and illustrators. Michelle Valberg’s children’s book, Ben and Nuki Discover Polars Bears, was included in the feature.

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Prime Minister Harper Buys Equipment from Gear Up - 2012/11/29

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was the first official customer of Project North’s online store, Gear Up, where individuals can purchase equipment to be donated to the organization. The photo was featured in The Hill Times.

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More Magazine - 2012/09/22

More magazine features a story on Michelle in their October issue – talking all about Project North!

Pond Inlet Equipment Delivery with Kyle Quincey - 2011/04/15

Colorado Avalanche defenseman plays Pond hockey Quincey brings inspiration and new hockey gear to Pond Inlet’s young people Emily Ridlington Northern News Services Published Friday, May 6, 2011 MITTIMATALIK/POND INLET – During the winter there are many games of shinny or pond hockey played in Pond Inlet but there was only one played with an NHL hockey player. Colorado Avalanche hockey player Kyle Quincey was in Pond Inlet in mid-April to donate $26,000 worth of new hockey equipment. He also played a game of shinny on the pond. From left are Annie Koonoo, Lootie Atagootak, William Atagootak, Sally Atagootak and Quincey. – photo courtesy of Colin Saunders “It was exciting because usually there are no NHL players in our town,” said Mishel Pewatoalook, 13 about Colorado Avalanche defenseman Kyle Quincey’s visit to the community from April 15 to 18. Pewatoalook, who has been playing hockey for the last four years, said he played on the team opposing Quincey but that they both play defense. The player’s visit was part of Project North and the National Hockey League Players’ Association Goals and Dreams program. Project North runs community-based and national funding initiatives to generate opportunities to provide literacy and fitness programs which benefit Inuit youth. In total, a group of 12 people were in Pond on behalf of various organizations and sponsors. “It was a great weekend with Kyle,” said Colin Saunders, acting assistant senior administrative officer. Saunders said the group brought along with them approximately $26,000 worth of new hockey equipment made up of 18 full sets of hockey gear. “I’ve got my own stuff but now more kids will get to play,” said Roland Apak, 14, who has been playing hockey for the last five years. The equipment will be kept at the arena so more kids can use it. On April 16, Quincey and the other visitors were taken out on a day trip with outfitter Dave Reid from Polar Sea Adventures to go see nearby glaciers. On the morning of April 17, they went dog sledding and played hockey in the afternoon. It was agreed the highlight for everyone of Quincey’s visit was the pond hockey game. He said one of the reasons he came on the trip was to put a face on the equipment being donated. “The whole reason we went was to see the smiles of joy on their faces,” Quincey said. Originally from Caledon, Ont., Quincey said this was his first visit to the North. He said he was surprised people had cell phone service. “People are so happy and they sustain themselves with so little, it’s pretty remarkable.” On his way back to Iqaluit, Quincey took part in a face-off competition at the airport in Clyde River. He said he got beat out by an airport staffer. “I was surprised on the skill level of a lot of the kids,” Quincey said. He also gave tips and tried to share some life long lessons. Apak said Quincey gave him some advice he will remember for the rest of his life: “Work hard.”

EMC News - 2010/11/12

Here is an article that appears in the EMC news:

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NHLPA Website - 2010/11/01

You can find an article about Project North on the NHLPA website, here is the link:

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24 H - Authors Geared Up For Trip North - 2010/07/22

Local authors Michelle Valberg and Joan Weinman were overwhelmed with the response to a call for user hockey gear for underprivileged kids.

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Delivering Hockey Equipment to Igloolik - 2010/07/22

Authors gear up for Project North set to deliver $25,000 of hockey equipment to children in Igloolik

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Northern Exposure - 2010/07/22

Michelle hadn’t intended for her next book to be about Canada’s north. After months of planning she landed on a book idea that would highlight of Canada’s unprecedented uniqueness.

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Ottawa Citizen - In One Day We Saw 54 Polar Bears - 2010/07/22

Ottawa photographer Michelle Valberg goes to Churchill, Manitoba with Janis Parker, Mike Beedell and group. It was an amazing Polar Bear photographic experience!

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Ottawa Citizen - Putting Smiles on Faces - 2010/07/22

Project North delivers bags of fun to Arctic communities.

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