The Power of Play

Donation Goal For This Project is $100,000
27% Donated/$72,614 To Go
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Project North relies on the commitment and generosity of its partners, sponsors and the community-at-large to help make our vision come alive of improving the lives of Inuit children.  If you would like to help purchase new hockey equipment for our Northern communities please click on our Gear Up section on this page. We regret that used equipment cannot be accepted for Northern shipments. Proceeds from community fundraisers are always graciously accepted. 

Finding Sponsors and Donors

The most important aspect of Project North begins with YOU!  Being able to drive users to our donations and Gear Up program allow us to raise the funds and hockey equipment we need in order to provide for our Northern Youth.  This is the first step.

Gathering our Equipment

Once the donations come in, we work with our sponsors and advisory team to gather all the amazing equipment and get the hockey bags ready for the North.  A lot of work goes into this step, in planing and processing all the logistics to make sure nothing gets left behind before heading up North with all the goodies.

Mission Complete

After all the equipment is gathered, and the donations are in we then take Project North up to our final destination.  This is what we do it for and is why we have such amazing sponsors and supporters throughout North America.  Be sure to visit our gallery to see just how amazing the Power of Play has been.